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(All past events can be viewed on the above calendar at any time.)

2020 Calendar (PDF) v20200215

Calendar of QREs - click here (updated periodically)

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Age Classes

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Club Forms

Application for a Club to host an ARCHERY SA Tournament

Application for a Club to conduct an AA Registered Tournament or QRE

For more Club information and forms - CLICK HERE (We Are Archery!/Club Information)

Entries for ARCHERY SA tournaments are online (from 2014). Visit the relevant event for details (see "Upcoming Events" on the home page).

The reasons for this are....

  • volunteers no longer have to check the ARCHERY SA post office box for entries
  • no confusion around what the entry fees for each event are
  • no arguments about when an entry was lodged/received
  • all entries are legible
  • entries are not lost/mislaid/overlooked/eaten by the dog
  • entrants are accountable for inputting their information, reducing errors
  • saves time in the collation of entries and target allocations
  • no need to chase up unpaid entry fees
  • the number of entrants is effectively limited when capacity is at a premium (although few events have a limit, it has to be said)

But what if I don't have a computer and access to the Internet?

  • 86% of households in South Australia (source: ABS Report 8146.0  2016-2017, up from 83% in 2013-2014 and 74% in 2010-2011) have access to the Internet. It will not be difficult to find someone who can assist you. Clubs are also encouraged to assist the small proportion of their membership who may have difficulty using the Internet. Other measures include utilising the (generally) free services available at your local library or community centre and entries can also be lodged online using a tablet or smart phone.

I don't possess a credit/debit card - how can I pay?

  • No problem - PayPal payments are accepted (you can create a PayPal account, which can be linked to a bank account - you don't need a credit card)

What are the entry fees for the various events?

  • These are listed on the Entry Fees Schedule ("Competition-Calendar/Entry Fees") for the current year.

My Club doesn't have a computer?

  • There are schemes available for community groups to access refurbished (ex-Govt) computers at little or no cost. These days this cannot be an excuse for not helping the small minority of your Club members who might choose not to use the Internet.


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