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10 Steps Archery Pathway


10 Step Archer Development Pathway

Step 1

Start Archery

This is the first level of archery. You have identified an interest in the sport and now engage in a program such as Come ‘n’ Try, or club introductory courses.


Step 2

Membership and Equipment

You will complete a beginners course at an ARCSA club.

Your make your first purchase of individualised equipment.

You become a member of an ARCSA/AA affiliated club.


Step 3

Better Archery

You start beginner level shooting at club-run sessions.

You may receive instruction from a club coach and other archers, and begin to learn more about your own shooting through practice.

You will be shooting approx. 1-2 sessions per week and generally at a short distance of around 30 meters.

Once you can keep all your arrows consistently within the red, you will advance further.


Step 4

Introductory Competing

You start shooting competition rounds in practice with other club members to build a better understanding of what’s involved in a competition, how to score, timing etc.

You will be shooting 1-3 sessions per week and beginning to move into competition distances.


Step 5

Club Competition

You will start to become involved in regular competition within the club and build confidence around competing and shooting etiquette. Inclusion within these events, also assists you with meeting other archers within the club and building lasting relationships.


Step 6

Interclub/State Competition

You will begin competing in events run at different clubs and also state events, thus allowing you to experience a higher level of competition and gain an understanding of what’s required to compete at this level.

You will be shooting 2-5 sessions per week and demonstrating competency at competition distances.


Step 7

State Development Program

For youth/senior archers, wanting to progress their level of competition, at either a state, national or international level, State Development Programs will provide coaching to you, and should you wish, support your campaign to be selected in further High Performance Squads. You will also begin to understand how to analyse your own technique and become more independent.
You will have at least a Blue level Classification.


Step 8

State High Performance Squad

 You have demonstrated you are one of the best in the State! Your participation in the State Development program will include assisting you in determining a suitable training program.

You regularly shoot 3-6 days a week at this stage.

You have at least a Red level Classification and be eligible for selection for State Teams.


Step 9

AA Regional Development Program (AARDP)

You gain access to further development and the opportunity to travel. AARDP squad prepares athletes both physically and mentally for the rigours of training as an elite Archer.


Step 10

AA High Performance Program (AAHPP)

You are selected to the Archery Australia High Performance Program (AAHPP).

You are involved in national teams and international competition.


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