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ARCHERY SA Board 2016-2017

President (Board Chair)

Bruce Lang

  • Involved in archery from 1976
  • Member of Eden Field Archers; Foundation Member HILLS ARCHERS, Associate Member of Adelaide Archery Club
  • Life Member EFA 1995, ARCHERY SA 1995, Archery Australia 2010
  • Member, Organising Committee for the FITA World Target Archery Championships in Adelaide 1987
  • Member, Organising Committees for several National Championships and Australian Masters Games & 2007 World Police & Fire Games in Adelaide
  • Archery Australia Bronze Plaquette 1993
  • Archery Australia Official of the Year 1999
  • Australian Sports Medal 2000
  • Board Member, Archery Australia 1997-2009
  • Vice-President, Archery Australia 2010-2012
  • Offices with ARCHERY SA include Vice-President 2003-2010, Secretary 1989-1995, Treasurer 1983-1986, Bow Press Editor 1995-1998, Publicity Officer 1993-1995
  • State Team Member
  • President ARCHERY SA 2011-2016
  • Other ARCHERY SA positions: Vice-President 2003-2010; Secretary 1989-1996; Treasurer 1983-1986; Publicity Officer 1993-1995; Journal Editor 1995-1998, Board Member to AA 1997-2002
  • Chair, Archery Australia Constitution & Rules Committee from 2012
  • Club Coach from 1980
  • National Judge from 1988
  • Technical Delegate, Archery Australia from 2012
  • President, Eden Field Archers 1983-1987, 1995-2005 (plus several other offices 1980-2011)
Life beyond archery:
  • Environmental Health Officer (Local Govt), retired
Vice-President (Board Vice-Chair)

 Jeff Nicoll

  • Involved in archery from 1980
  • Member of Adelaide Archery Club
  • Life Member AAC 2002, ARCHERY SA 2010
  • Club Coach from 1985
  • National Judge from 1990
  • Member, Organising Committees for several National Championships and Australian Masters Games & 2007 World Police & Fire Games in Adelaide
  • Chair, ARCHERY SA Grants Committee from 2003
  • Chair, Archery Australia Awards Committee from 2010
  • Member, Archery Australia Constitution & Rules Committee from 2012
Life beyond archery:
  • Business Owner (WF Gray & Co)

Board Secretary

Sue Martin

  • Involved in archery from 1997
  • Member of Adelaide Archery Club
  • Life Member ARCHERY SA 2014
  • Australian Team Member 2001, 2012
  • State Team Member (numerous)
  • Member, Organising Committees for several National Championships and Australian Masters Games & 2007 World Police & Fire Games in Adelaide
  • Member, ARCHERY SA Awards Committee from 2009
  • Secretary, ARCHERY SA 1998-2002 & 2009-2016
Life beyond archery:
  • Registered Nurse BN, retired
Board Treasurer

Carol Ashlee


  • Involved in archery from 1978
  • Member of Adelaide Archery Club
  • Life Member AAC 1992, ARCHERY SA 2010
  • Archery Australia Gold Plaquette 2010
  • Recorder, Archery Australia (9 years)
  • Secretary, ARCHERY SA 1981-1984
  • Other ARCHERY SA positions: SAOC/ACGA Delegate 1981-1982, Bow Press Editor 2003-2016, Judges Administrator 2008-2013, Awards Committee Member  2004-2016, Grants Committee Member 2009-2016, Membership Officer 2011-2016, Archives Officer 2010-2016
  • Member, Organising Committee FITA World Target Archery Championships, Adelaide 1987
  • Member, various Organising Committees for several National Championships, Australian Masters Games, since 1985
  • National Judge from 1999
  • ARCHERY SA Certificate as a Member of  the Organising Committee of the National Indoor Archery Tournaments 2000-2005
  • President, Adelaide Archery Club 2011-2016 (plus several other offices since 1980)
Life beyond archery:
  • Store Services Assistant (Woolworth's)


    Dr Ian Dall

    • Involved in archery from 2012
    • Member, The Farm Indoor Archery Club
    • Delegate for The Farm Indoor Archery Club 2015-2016
    Life beyond archery, formerly:
    • Director & Chair, Networking Communications Pty Ltd
    • Chair, Yawarra Children's Services community childcare management committee
    • Member & Chair, The Heights School Governing Council
    • President, University Skindiving Club

    Ian brings management, leadership, strategic planning, critical thinking and analytical skills in his employment as an APS executive scientist

    Appointed Board Director
    Adam McCallum

    Adam comes with a background in business management
    • Is a member of the Executive Team at Health Partners, South Australia’s largest open health fund
    • Has experience in both private and public sector organisations, with 20 years’ in senior management and project management type roles across finance, retail and service sectors
    • Brings significant expertise across numerous disciplines including business improvement, stakeholder management, quality and risk control, relationship building, personnel and budget management
    • Is also a Director of Skylight, formerly known as MIFSA – Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia.
    • He aspires to serve ARCHERY SA by helping where his experience and aptitude might be valuable and contributing to overall efficient management of ARCHERYSA and its functions.
    Appointed Board Director
    Arthur Antonis

    Arthur comes from the Public Service, but also has sports management experience
    • Undergraduate qualifications in law and commerce, with considerable management experience with the Australian Public Service at the Executive Level
    • Postgraduate sports management qualifications from London Metropolitan University in 2010
    • Postgraduate study in sports facility and events management in 2007
    • Internships completed with an English Premier League and a League 2 football club
    • Significant stakeholder relationship management experience, including managing the relationship between the Australian Taxation Office and the OECD
    • Governance experience across data management and identity security contexts
    • Experience working in new law implementation
    • Member of the Walkerville Primary School Finance Subcommittee since 2016

    Officers - Historical Listing

    Other forms:

    Committees/Officers Chair/Officer
    Finance, Grants & Audit Committee*
    Carol Ashlee
    Policy & Membership Committee*
    Jeff Nicoll
    Tournament & Equipment Committee
    Glenn Martin
    Officials Committee
    Glenn Martin
    Youth Committee
    Katie Blyth
    Coaching Committee
    Junior Alexander
    Marianne Rieckmann (
    Communications Committee
    Bruce Lang, Ian Dall
    Awards Committee
    Sue Martin
    SAOC/ACGA Delegate
    Junior Alexander
    Member Protection Information Officer
    Mylor Oval Management Committee Reps
    Jeff Nicoll, Bruce Lang
    * denotes Board Standing Committees


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